Our Concept.

Ainslie Devoe is a casual, yet functional dress brand which blends the timeless taste of New York style with a minimalist aesthetic. The dresses are clean and modern, with an emphasis on simplicity and sustainability. They are designed for women who live, work, and play in metropolitan cities.


Style Meets Purpose. 


Ainslie Devoe is a sustainable collection of women’s day dresses.  In an industry that is notorious for being one of the most wasteful and socially irresponsible, we wanted to make a difference by launching a company that aims to be fully sustainable with zero waste.  We strive to partner with people who share the same values and who are actively working on minimizing their environmental footprint.  The challenge is huge, but we believe that people care about the environment and about making choices that are impactful in the conservation of our planet.  

Our Sourcing and Manufacturing.

Our manufacturing space in the Garment District.

All of our materials and trimmings are ethically sourced in an environmentally-friendly manner with oversight on every step of the process. All of our manufacturing is done in the heart of New York City's Garment District - making the manufacturing process itself evocative of our New York aesthetic.